Little Blossom Early Education
and School Age Fun Club
Fun Club
Join the FUN!  Before and After School Program and Summer Time!

Camp Fun Club is the School-Age program at Little Blossom Early Education.  Children age
kindergarten through sixth grade may attend before and/or after school and throughout the
summer!  The "Fun Club" members are encouraged to participate in various activities such as
indoor and outdoor free play and organized indoor and outdoor group activities and team
sports.  Homework assistance and tutoring is available during the school year.

Summertime is FUN TIME! A multitude of outdoor games and events are planned as well as
field trips and enrichment activities.  Sports Camps provide athletic training and teamwork.  
Visits to the library and parks are part of the curriculum.  Arts and crafts are created for
holidays and for fun!  Olympic Week brings the Summer Program to a close and combines
friendship, fun, and healthy competition.
"We blossom with the love from our children's little hearts at Little Blossom School"